How to plan your salary to save more



How to plan your salary to save more

today I will teach you how to plan your salary to save more

Are you the type of person who receives the salary of the month and in a few days is already out of money? Know that this type of complaint is very common, but there are ways to plan and organize your financial life.

The tactic of controlling finances is well known and, believe me, it works. Of course, it all depends on evaluating the amount of fixed accounts you have and the extra expenses.

When you have variable income, reaching the end of the month without entering the bank overdraft is a challenge, precisely because this is a factor that will influence your expenses. However, assessing your consumption habits can be helpful in this situation.

In addition to financial organization, an alternative to not having difficulties due to lack of money is to invest in an extra source of income.

In this scenario, you can combine business with pleasure if you have a hobby, such as cooking. In this line, selling sweets like the well-born for baby showers and other events can be an alternative.

Evaluate your expenses

The first step in organizing your finances is knowing what you spend your money on. For this, it is important to list your expenses.

In order to facilitate this process, it is worth using a spreadsheet, calendar or even an expense control application.

You can start the list with your fixed monthly expenses that are essential, such as water, electricity, internet, rent and health insurance, for example.

Then make a column (or use a tool) to separate your income from expenses, that is, what you earn and what you spend.

It is interesting to separate expenses into groups, such as: food, health, housing, among others.

After essential fixed expenses, you should include all extra expenses such as leisure, clothing, and other services you use such as pay TV, streaming service, and monthly apps.

In short, this organization is a kind of diagnosis of your accounts and taking this initiative can help you identify what is not coherent with your financial life.

Renting a space to have a birthday party or other celebration, for example, is a type of expense that is not essential, but enters into leisure activities and does not need to be excluded from your options if you plan well.

Considering that this type of expense is not fixed, it is interesting to plan the celebrations in advance so that there is no imbalance in the budget.

The same thought applies to trips and other celebrations that have demands such as coffee break, party room, rental of energy generators, decoration, among other details.

We've set aside some tips to help you assess expenses. See below:

·         Use spreadsheets to organize cash flow;

·         Make use of apps to control expenses;

·         Cut expenses that are not necessary;

·         Plan your leisure investments;

·         Sort bills by priority and avoid superfluous expenses.

Reflect on your consumption habits

Credit card is a resource that can be very useful in many situations, especially emergency ones.

However, who has never had a scare when receiving the bill of the month and faced with expenses that could be avoided?

Many people do not have a balance in their consumption choices. It is not uncommon to assess card debt and come across expenses that involve transport and food, for example.

These two choices are part of life, of course. However, it is important to assess what is surplus at the time of consumption.

With technology, people can buy food with a tap of the app or request a car to get to a timely appointment within minutes.